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District 6 - Makiki | Downtown | Kalihi Valley

Sam Aiona

Age: 48
Job: Small-business owner
Background: Former state representative; former director, state Office of Community Service

Do you support or oppose Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s “compassionate disruption” strategy that combines enforcing laws that force the homeless off the street while developing shelters for them? What, if anything, would you be doing different?

We will be spending $112,000 per apartment to house the chronically homeless. Once a person moves into the unit he/she will never leave. I would like a contract for a set amount of time and the city should contract nonprofits to perform service on a performance based system.

City officials repeatedly say they need to find new ways to raise revenue but proposals by Mayor Caldwell to charge a fee for curbside trash pickup and allow advertising on city buses were shot down by the City Council. What would you do to raise revenues?

If we have a more efficient government we wouldn’t have to raise taxes or revenues. But since we’re always looking for money, I would like to charge nonresidents who are buying these multimillion-dollar condos in Kakaako a much higher fee.