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Pastor Wahiawa Community Church of the Nazarene



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I have served as a pastor for 20 years during that time, I also opened and was the Executive Director of two Life Skills Learning Centers, one in Colorado and one Florida. Was the director of the Nazarene Navajo Nation Ministry, served on The Colorado Eth

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What qualifies you to represent the people of Hawaii?

I am the pastor of the Wahiawa Community Church of the Nazarene. I hold a bachelors degree and a Master's degree. I have written two books and published one. I produce and direct a Television show on Olelo Community media. I have held numerous jobs that help me relate to people in all social and economic levels of society.
I moved to Hawaii six and half years ago to serve the people of Hawaii. I took a pay cut to move here to serve others. Since I moved here many people have moved off the Island due to the high cost of living but I have remained to serve others.
My entire adult life has been committed to serving others. I was recruited to my current position as the Pastor of the Wahiawa Community Church of the Nazarene because of my experience helping people recover from with drug and alcohol addictions through Celebrate Recovery Ministry and my work with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence through Life Skills Learnings Centers founded By Dr. Paul Hegstrom, www.lifeskillsintl.org
I am the dad of special needs son and an army soldier and husband of small business owner. I understand first hand the daily struggles that the people of Hawaii go through each and every day. I was not born in Hawaii but I did choose to move here and stay here so that I could serve the people who live here.
My life experiences and commitment to serve others make me a good choice for State House 46.

What are the top three challenges facing the voters you seek to represent?

The sustainability of Wahiawa General Hospital, The impact of the Homeless population on local businesses and residents and the need for affordable housing.

If elected, what will be your highest legislative priority?

To make sure The Wahiawa General Hospital gets the same fair funding that other rural hospital receive. Wahiawa General Hospital serves 1/3 of the Island of Oahu. WGH serves approximately 20,000 emergency room patients a year, provides over 400 good paying career building jobs for young professionals, provides long-term and nursing care for 100 local families. WGH ER treats soldiers that train on the north range and their dependent families. It serves the homeless the aged and any and everyone who enters her doors in need. It's time the legislature worked as hard for her as she does for her community.

If elected, what can you do to improve the lives of your constituents?

By making the Wahiawa General Hospital a top priority I will in effect be working to safe guard over 400 good paying jobs. In addition, I will be helping improve the health and wellness of it's citizens. I will continue to work with the Wahiawa Homeless Alliance(WHA) and ALEA Bridge to have a transition center for the homeless in the Wahiawa business district through public and private funding.

By helping to facilitate the implementation and completion of the homeless transition center this will be a compassionate response for those who are currently homeless and will help local business by freeing up our public and private lands of those needing a place to live so when the tourist pass through Wahiawa on their way to the North Shore they may be more open to entering our city and spending their monies in our district. These monies additional revenues will help our local business become more profitable and generate generate more jobs for our local citizens.

I will work hard to protect local businesses from additional tax burdens and government regulations and promote a "support local/buy local" policy with the Wahiawa Community and Business Association.

I will explore more choices for affordable housing. Such as building vertical vs. horizontal housing. Changing zoning laws to allow additional building on ones personal properties. Building of Tiny houses and other creative and innovative solutions that our community is willing to explore and accept.

With health cost currently rising two times faster than inflation and will bankrupt us if not contained. We don't need a nanny state but government can promote good habits. I will continue to work with and promote the "Blue Zones Wahiawa" programs and more health information that 80% of a persons health status is determined by life-style and not genetics.

Is there anything else you would like voters to know about you?

I have never been elected for a public office but I been elected as a pastor and servant for the people of Hawaii. It is my firm believe that the people of Hawaii are creative, innovative and extremely intelligent. District 46 , Wahiawa, Whitmore Village, and Launani Valley, are beautiful places to live and raise a family. These communities have great traditional, historical and cultural heritages and diversity.
This diversity can be our greatest strength if we all learn to work together. My Campaign slogan is "better together." I believe when the government, local businesses, non-profits and churches, and civic groups and community citizens work together for the common good of all people we are better. In addition, I believe there is no problem or difficulty that we cannot solve if we indeed work together. I will continue to strive daily to work with all these groups for the common good of the people my district and the State of Hawaii.

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