2018 Primary Election Candidates

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State House

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State Representative



Previous job history:

I was a small business owner on Oahu, wholesaling frozen drinks and coffee.

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What qualifies you to represent the people of Hawaii?

My experience as a small business owner gives me an understanding of the crushing tax and regulatory burden small businesses face in Hawaii. In my past two years as a State Representative, I've successfully passed a number of measures that are beneficial not just to my district, but the state as a whole. When I was a community advocate I was part of the team that renovated the Pupukea basketball court, originally slated for demolition by the city. Experience in business, government, and community is important for anyone who seeks to represent us.

What are the top three challenges facing the voters you seek to represent?

Traffic, affordable housing, and sea level rise.

If elected, what will be your highest legislative priority?

From a broader statewide perspective, sea level rise is far and way the most significant problem we face. For our district, we need help to deal with the massive influx of tourists. Their impacts on our traffic, our beach parks, and our housing inventory must be mitigated.

If elected, what can you do to improve the lives of your constituents?

I believe I've already begun to improve the lives of my constituents. I've passed bills that require the counties to remove abandoned vehicles within 10 days, preserved our water quality by making it more difficult to construct injection wells, and sponsored the largest tax break for working families in decades. In response to numerous complaints about tour buses breaking the law, I created two positions for tour bus enforcement; there are currently no positions.

Over the next two years I will keep advocating for a greater police presence in our community to combat the increase in property crimes, trespassing, and even violent crime that we have experienced. I will keep fighting against utility scale wind farms, the proliferation of non-owner occupied vacation rentals, and reckless development of our agricultural land. Most important of all, I will continue to be accessible to you. Whether it's by phone, fax, or e-mail, many of the bills I've authored came about due to your input.

Is there anything else you would like voters to know about you?


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