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District 6 - Makiki | Downtown | Kalihi Valley

Carol Fukunaga *

Age: 66
Job: Honolulu councilwoman
Background: Has served in state Senate, state House and 1978 Constitutional Convention

Do you support or oppose Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s “compassionate disruption” strategy that combines enforcing laws that force the homeless off the street while developing shelters for them? What, if anything, would you be doing different?

I support the mayor’s ‘compassionate disruption’ strategy, and would add a requirement that we consider underutilized county/state buildings to house the chronically homeless in Downtown-Chinatown who have mental health or chemical dependency issues.

City officials repeatedly say they need to find new ways to raise revenue but proposals by Mayor Caldwell to charge a fee for curbside trash pickup and allow advertising on city buses were shot down by the City Council. What would you do to raise revenues?

I support investing a greater share of tourist accommodation tax revenues in Honolulu, since the majority of visitor accommodations and attractions are located on Oahu. Last year’s TAT revenues equalled $368.5 million dollars, with counties receiving 25 percent of those revenues and state programs receiving the balance.