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Senate District 6 – West Maui | South Maui

Bronson Kekahuna Kaahui (L)

We must enable Internet voting. Votes could be counted in real time and monitored by the public. Registered voters could also sign online petitions for ballot initiatives, allowing us to vote directly on issues rather than relying on the legislature. This would vastly increase voter turnout, especially among the youth.

Jared P. “Pika” DuBois (R)

I hoped in 2008 that the Constitutional Convention ballot passed. Such changes are more important intrinsic reform than legislation. I plan to run for one term only, no fundraising in office, no distractions or favoritism, and use that experience to propose changes to lessen corruption should it (Con Con) pass in 2018.

Roz Baker (D)*

Develop in West Maui a pilot sustainable water reuse and storm water diversion plan to support healthy reefs by eliminating injection wells and utilizing reclaimed water in landscaping along roadways, in parks and for other non-potable uses to assist in recharging aquifers and preventing runoff that damages reefs and fisheries.