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Hawaii County Council

Candidates running for the Hawaii County Council of the Big Island of Hawaii

Daniel K. Paleka Jr.

Perhaps, currently Hawaii County Bill 113 bans open air cultivation of genetically modified crops except for GE papaya and requires registration by farmers. Farmers, and other parties claiming to be affected by the ban became plaintiffs and have filed suit against the County of Hawaii requesting declaratory and conjunctive relief.

Margaret Wille *

Work on the basics to promote the well-being of our two ecos: the economy and the island ecosystem.

Ronald S. Gonzales

Our farmers, ranchers, horticulturists and anyone who uses the land or the sea to provide for our communities should not be overburdened, overregulated or asked to work with one hand tied behind their backs as long as GMO products are freely imported and put on our store shelves.

Tiffany Edwards Hunt

Pose this question to voters. Beyond a ballot initiative, lobby for truth in labeling. Launch campaigns promoting “Hawaii grown” & “grown locally without pesticides and genetics.” Make government work more effectively for farmers seeking to grow food and medicine on Hawaii island and for residents here. Focus on reducing imported food.