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Senate District 18 – Mililani | Waikele | Kunia

Dennis C.H. Kim (R)

I believe that there needs to be what I call LEGISLATIVE INTEGRITY. We cannot have the outcome of a bill be determined even before it is introduced. The arrogance of some incumbents is appalling. We need to bring fiscal responsibility and accountability and COMMON SENSE back into our government.

Michelle Kidani (D)*

This year I included $11.5 million in the budget to purchase land at the Mililani Technology Park for “first responder/cyber security campus.” Public safety, first responder and information and technology facilities would be out of the inundation zones, bringing them together to share space and ideas and work together in unity to help the people of Hawaii in case of a disaster.

Raymond Banda III (L)

I have several, but the main one I wish to accomplish is getting Hawaii out of last place for voting turnout. I hope to accomplish this through the establishment of term-limits for elected officials and more face time with voters.