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House District 41 – Ewa Beach | West Loch Estates

Bryan E. Jeremiah (R)

Restore honest and moral leadership back in our Capitol and to honor our Constitution as it is written, to provide leadership that respects the voice of its people and to provide an example for others to follow, to restore family values and protect the citizens of Hawaii against poor legislation.

Matthew LoPresti (D)

Ethics reform! Lawmakers need to be bound by stronger ethics laws to prevent corruption and restore faith in government. See details of my platform at Matt4Ewa.com, including: Education (A/C and second high school), Traffic, Quality Jobs, Affordable Housing, Kupuna Care, and Environmental Protection (help bring the limu back to Ewa).

Tom Berg (L)

Take farmland that’s sitting fallow and grow industrial hemp on it. This will create tens of thousands of new jobs — from cultivation itself to processing the plant into food, fuel, clothing, textiles, and hempcrete/building material. This could transform the homeless crisis into a thriving economic sustainability machine. All can apply.