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House District 20 – Palolo | St. Louis Heights | Kaimuki

Calvin K.Y. Say (D) *

Achieving the goal of hydrogen fuel cells being used by all utility users/consumers by 2020! Hydrogen fuel cells is a clean technology for energy development for the future.

Julia E. Allen (R)

Our state should work with governing entities of similarly harmed bodies such as Guam, Puerto Rico and Alaska, to gain congressional passage of an "Affordable Shipping Act" to exempt Hawaii from the unjustifiably high shipping costs imposed on us by an antiquated federal law.

Keiko Bonk (G)

True-Cost economics, in which all costs are included in the price of the product/service, unless the public votes to subsidize something for the long-term public good. Currently special interests use the government to acquire hidden subsidies that pay companies to pollute, ignore real people’s needs, and produce unhealthy products.