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Honolulu City Council

Carol Fukunaga *

I support the mayor’s ‘compassionate disruption’ strategy, and would add a requirement that we consider underutilized county/state buildings to house the chronically homeless in Downtown-Chinatown who have mental health or chemical dependency issues.

Sam Aiona

We will be spending $112,000 per apartment to house the chronically homeless. Once a person moves into the unit he/she will never leave. I would like a contract for a set amount of time and the city should contract nonprofits to perform service on a performance based system.

Tommy Waters

I support the mayor’s strategy because it addresses a real problem with practical, constructive solutions. Homeless issues can disrupt the visitor industry and, with it, our economy. But relocation must include viable housing alternatives, mental health services, and employment opportunities.

Trevor Ozawa

I support a comprehensive and compassionate approach to address homelessness in our communities. I support the immediate transitioning of the homeless into shelters that provide medical and housing assistance. We need to ensure that we’re compassionate yet firm in our approach to helping those in need.