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Senate District 17 - Waipahu | Pearl City

Clarence K. Nishihara (D) *

Age: 71
Job: State senator
Background: President, Friends of Wai­pahu Public Library; incoming second vice president, Pearl City Lions Club

Should there be additional restrictions on development in Kakaako? Why?

Kakaako is a treasure for all who live on this island. It can be a polished gem or a subject of continual dispute. How will the broader community’s interest be served if more restrictions are placed? Affordable housing remains a need yet to be met.

What is your one big idea?

Bring our agricultural industry together, seeking more harmony and cooperation without the rancor of contentious views creating divisions that serve no one. Calling for a broader discussion with the consumers and those who produce our food. Consumers need a serious discussion of the science of food.