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District 5 - Kurtistown | Mountain View | Kehena

Daniel K. Paleka Jr.

Age: 50
Job: University of Hawaii Community College auxiliary service manager
Background: Owner of a bed and breakfast; ex-union business agent; former correctional officer

Should there be more restrictions on growing genetically modified crops? Why?

Perhaps, currently Hawaii County Bill 113 bans open air cultivation of genetically modified crops except for GE papaya and requires registration by farmers. Farmers, and other parties claiming to be affected by the ban became plaintiffs and have filed suit against the County of Hawaii requesting declaratory and conjunctive relief.

What is the most pressing quality of life issue, and what would you do about it?

Inadequate infrastructure like potable water, waste-water treatment and substandard roads are the most pressing. Increasing capacity, alternate route development, road improvement and maintenance along with expansion of mass transit could resolve the transportation issues. Use bond issuance for capital Improvement projects and seek federal and state funding,