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Kauai County Council

Darryl D. Perry

Age: 63
Job: Kauai County police chief
Background: Former Department of the Attorney General investigator; former First Hawaiian Bank security director

What is the most pressing quality of life issue, and what would you do about it?

While there are numerous quality of life issues that need to be addressed, the most pressing is governments’ ability to work with the private sector in the creation of jobs. However, making Hawaii more business friendly cannot be at the expense of losing our identity of who we are.

What is the most important issue facing Kauai County, and how would you address it?

Housing, transportation, budgetary challenges, GMO, TVR, homelessness, and agriculture are major issues facing the County of Kauai. But the most important issue facing Kauai County is the lost of trust and confidence in some of our elected officials. I would like to be part of the solution to change that.