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Senate District 6 - West Maui | South Maui

Jared P. “Pika” DuBois (R)

Age: 50
Job: Clerk at County of Maui
Background: I’ve been studying government for decades with the intent to propose meaningful changes one day. Change is always possible.

Should there be additional restrictions on development in Kakaako? Why?

With the rapid growth of new projects there, I think it is important to now reconsider how to best go forward to manage growth better to prevent greater disruptive change. I don’t think additional restrictions need to be implemented immediately, but community hearings should address this before starting new developments.

What is your one big idea?

I hoped in 2008 that the Constitutional Convention ballot passed. Such changes are more important intrinsic reform than legislation. I plan to run for one term only, no fundraising in office, no distractions or favoritism, and use that experience to propose changes to lessen corruption should it (Con Con) pass in 2018.