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Senate District 24 - Kailua | Kaneohe

Jill N. Tokuda (D)*

Age: 38
Job: State senator; program development and communications consultant
Background: Education Commission of the States, Lana­kila Meals on Wheels

Should there be additional restrictions on development in Kakaako? Why?

Any additional restrictions on development in Kakaako should be done through the Hawaii Community Development Authority process, as was statutorily established in HRS206E. While the Legislature has made amendments to HCDA’s process and structure, oversight and management of the various projects and plans within Kakaako still remain with them.

What is your one big idea?

School-based health centers can increase access to care for students in some of our most rural and high need communities, ranging from acute care, preventative health, dental and mental health services, and early intervention. Would also look at what other states have done to also serve families and school personnel.