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House District 28 - Kamehameha Heights | Kalihi Valley

John M. Mizuno (D)*

Age: 49
Job: Vice speaker, state House of Representatives
Background: Worked to start the “Return-to-Home” program for homeless people; fundraising for Typhoon Haiyan victims

Do you support the constitutional amendment to allow public money to be spent on private preschool? Why?

Yes. Hawaii deeply values education, and if we desire a strong state and nation, it is essential to provide the best education possible from preschool through college. However, when we expand governmental services this requires more funding. Therefore, should the constitutional amendment be passed, we must provide cautious, prudent direction.

What is your one big idea?

Audit the Department of Education, which will costs the state several millions of dollars. However, I believe an audit will provide extreme insight to the teachers, Board of Education, Department of Education, the Legislature and governor and allow us to efficiently cut government waste and provide quality support toward education.