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U.S. House - District 2 (Neighbor Islands, Rural Oahu)

Kawika Crowley (R)

Age: 62
Job: Self-employed handyman/painter, advertising consultant
Background: Former ad agency owner in Hilo

What makes you qualified to be a U.S. representative?

The 2nd District (neighbor islands/Windward Oahu) is very unique unto itself. We think and feel differently. I know, because I’ve lived in it for nearly all my life (Hilo), unlike many in the past that have represented the 2nd, and unlike the present congressperson. And I know the issues!

Should the United States recognize a Native Hawaiian government through an administrative rule rather than an act of Congress?

I believe in the restoration of the Hawaiian Nation. Allow the roll call movement to continue; however, the process needs a home base. If elected I will work to implement my “South Point Solution” where the Fed government will mandate 200,000 acres of the South Point region as the starting point.

What changes, if any, would you make to the federal health care reform law?

Repeal the beast! Do you want to know what Obama­care will look like in just a few years? Look at the VA fiasco. It will be that, a thousand times worse.

Should Hawaii be exempt from the Jones Act, the federal maritime law that protects the domestic shipping industry from foreign competition?

Of course! It was created and passed into law in the early ’20’s with good intentions of protecting the rights, and safety of seamen. But today, it is a mega monopolistic hammer keeping competition of ship building and foreign shipping out of America. Bring down our cost of living! EXEMPT!

Would you repeal the Common Core curriculum standards for public schools?

Yes. It is disgusting and a mess. The crap they want to instill and teach our children is despicable.