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House District 20 - Palolo | St. Louis Heights | Kaimuki

Keiko Bonk (G)

Age: 59
Job: Ocean policy consultant, PONO & PONO Praxis
Background: Former Hawaii County councilwoman; Hawaii Green Party co-founder

Do you support the constitutional amendment to allow public money to be spent on private preschool? Why?

No. Public money should never be used to subsidize schools that charge tuition. If a preschool is free and open to everyone, and doesn’t promote a religious agenda, and it is nonprofit; it might be OK to use public money to fund these kinds of nonprofit/ nongovernment run preschools.

What is your one big idea?

True-Cost economics, in which all costs are included in the price of the product/service, unless the public votes to subsidize something for the long-term public good. Currently special interests use the government to acquire hidden subsidies that pay companies to pollute, ignore real people’s needs, and produce unhealthy products.