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OHA Maui

Mahealani Wendt

Age: 67
Job: Community Volunteer, Ke‘anae-Wailuanui, East Maui
Background: Legal Aid Society of Hawaii; Alu Like Inc.; Native Hawaiian Roll Commission

Should OHA be allowed to build residential units in Kakaako Makai?

Yes, because OHA trustees have a duty to act solely in the interest of their beneficiaries and are therefore obligated to maximize opportunities to grow OHA’s assets. Any compromise or balancing of the goal to maximize assets must emanate from OHA’s beneficiaries and be solely in their best interests.

Should Native Hawaiians seek federal recognition?

Yes. Political recognition means the acknowledgment of a nation’s sovereignty and legitimacy by other nations, and Hawaiians should welcome political recognition from any other governments, including the U.S. The U.S. should not, however, interfere or participate in any way with the nation building process.