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Senate District 18 - Mililani | Waikele | Kunia

Michelle Kidani (D)*

Age: 65
Job: State senator
Background: Hawaii First Inc. director of community affairs; former executive assistant, Neighborhood Commission Office

Should there be additional restrictions on development in Kakaako? Why?

The current restrictions are only inadequate with regard to affordability to Hawaii residents. If no further development is to be allowed, then where will our children live? Our grandchildren? We must allow responsible, but affordable, development.

What is your one big idea?

This year I included $11.5 million in the budget to purchase land at the Mililani Technology Park for “first responder/cyber security campus.” Public safety, first responder and information and technology facilities would be out of the inundation zones, bringing them together to share space and ideas and work together in unity to help the people of Hawaii in case of a disaster.