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House District 12 - Spreckelsville | Upcountry Maui

Richard H. Pohle (R)

Age: 74
Job: Retired scientist
Background: Chief engineer in the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) Program; Upcountry Meter List Association to monitor Upcountry water

Do you support the constitutional amendment to allow public money to be spent on private preschool? Why?

Yes. I do wonder whether preschool is cost effective. But if it is, I will always prefer private entities to public bureaucracies. Private groups work to please the customer first. Public groups work to please their government bosses first. Private workers can evaluate motives: Public worker cannot discriminate.

What is your one big idea?

Government MUST get smaller. In the future, we will be totally enmeshed in an electronic web. If government has the power to coerce, an ambitions political class will grab the opportunity to limit our freedom. Historically, this always happens, but this time there will be no way to rebel.