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House District 37 - Mililani | Waipio| Waikele

Ryan I. Yamane (D)*

Age: 44
Job: State representative
Background: Former Waipahu Neighborhood Board member; former Honolulu Community College and Hawaii Pacific University lecturer

Do you support the constitutional amendment to allow public money to be spent on private preschool? Why?

I support the value of preschools and early education, however, I have many concerns regarding the use of public resources to fund any voucher system in education. If the people of Hawaii vote to support the position of public financing of preschools, I will honor their voice.

What is your one big idea?

It is important that we continue to promote economic sustainability and minimize governmental waste. We need to provide incentive for local innovators in the area of recycling and health care, while developing easy one-stop kiosk and new technologies that allows all residents to access all their health care needs.