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District 5 - Kurtistown | Mountain View | Kehena

Tiffany Edwards Hunt

Age: 37
Job: Newspaper publisher, Big Island Chronicle
Background: HAAS public charter school yearbook teacher; UH-Hilo Ke Kalahea newspaper adviser

Should there be more restrictions on growing genetically modified crops? Why?

Pose this question to voters. Beyond a ballot initiative, lobby for truth in labeling. Launch campaigns promoting “Hawaii grown” & “grown locally without pesticides and genetics.” Make government work more effectively for farmers seeking to grow food and medicine on Hawaii island and for residents here. Focus on reducing imported food.

What is the most pressing quality of life issue, and what would you do about it?

We need and I will seek an alternate route into and out of Puna to get our commuters home at more reasonable hours. I will also support meaningful jobs that offer livable wages closer to Puna homes and I intend to lobby the PUC for lower electricity bills.