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District 4 - Hawaii Kai | Kaimuki | Waikiki

Trevor Ozawa

Age: 31
Job: Attorney
Background: Legislative aide at Hono­lulu City Council; Legal Aid Society of Hawaii; Kame­ha­meha Schools golf coach

Do you support or oppose Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s “compassionate disruption” strategy that combines enforcing laws that force the homeless off the street while developing shelters for them? What, if anything, would you be doing different?

I support a comprehensive and compassionate approach to address homelessness in our communities. I support the immediate transitioning of the homeless into shelters that provide medical and housing assistance. We need to ensure that we’re compassionate yet firm in our approach to helping those in need.

City officials repeatedly say they need to find new ways to raise revenue but proposals by Mayor Caldwell to charge a fee for curbside trash pickup and allow advertising on city buses were shot down by the City Council. What would you do to raise revenues?

Raising taxes or fees on residents should be the absolute last option, which is why I support the review of our existing tax system and am open to eliminating certain exemptions and/or reclassifying properties. Just like residents, government ought to live within its means, reducing operation costs if needed.