2018 Primary Election Candidates

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HUGHEY, Justin
Name on ballot:

HUGHEY, Justin

Running for:

U.S. House

District (if applicable):

District 8

Political party:


Campaign website:


Current occupation:

Third Grade Special Education Teacher



Previous job history:

Server, Sansei Seafood Restaurant 2006-2018

Previous elected office, if any:

Hawaii State Teachers Association Vice President 2015-2018, Na Hale O Maui BOARD MEMBER, 2010-2012, 
Na Hale O Maui VICE PRESIDENT, 2012-2016

What qualifies you to represent the people of Hawaii?

I am running because hard working families in our community deserve better.

Question is, what have these candidates done for hard working families?

I served as vice president for Wailuku’s own, Na Hale O Maui, a Maui community land trust, non-profit that turns foreclosures into permanent affordable housing in perpetuity.

I served as Vice President of the Hawaii State Teachers Association and successful passed bills at state conventions including; supporting Maternity leave, and Paid Family leave.

I successful passed more legislative amendments than any other teacher in the country, at the National Education Association conventions, debating in front of ten thousand delegates, including; supporting the examination of Genetically Modified (GM) food safety and adequate labeling in 2008.

I Introduced the first successful legislative resolution in the country against, unlimited funding of our elections by foreign entities and corporations, Citizens United, via the Democratic Party of Hawaii.

Actions speak louder than words. Like the family members before me, I too have dedicated my life to giving back. I achieved all of this as a full time special education teacher while working a second job serving tables at Sansei for over ten years before my back injury left me on workman's comp for 15 months. Eric holder said, "In a time of crisis, we need ordinary people to do extra ordinary things.". Imagine what I could do, focusing all my time, serving your needs, in our district.

What are the top three challenges facing the voters you seek to represent?

Affordable Housing, quality public eduction and improved infrastructure.

If elected, what will be your highest legislative priority?

Affordable Housing!

If elected, what can you do to improve the lives of your constituents?

Establish an adequate dedicated funding stream for public education so we can finally change the same problems that have existed since 1911; meager funding, too few teachers, and dilapidated buildings.

Establish a state special fund for affordable housing so organizations like Na Hale O Maui will be able to provide more truly affordable housing in perpetuity in the district.

Improve our infrastructure so Maui doesn’t turn into Oahu, eliminating constant bottlenecking of our roadways, and establish safe walkways and bike lanes.

Provide much needed Paid Family Leave! It takes a village to raise a child and our state needs to do a better job of making that possible.

Is there anything else you would like voters to know about you?

My grandfather was in World War II, and was known as the colonel in his
high school where he taught political science, and coached a winning football team. My grandmother was a librarian, who took an amazing dream and turned it into an award-winning novel called, “King Tuts Game Board”. My father was a law professor and was on Bobby Kennedy’s justice department. My mother knew she wanted to be a public defender ever since she read To Kill a Mocking Bird. My parents named me Justin after the root word justice and Roman Emperor Justinian, the giver of laws. I feel fortunate to have been brought up in a hard working family that forged a solid foundation of morale courage, tenacious integrity, empathy, with the belief that everyone deserves life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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