2018 Primary Election Candidates

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What qualifies you to represent the people of Hawaii?

My wife and I wanted to raise our family in Upcountry Maui because it reminded us of how we grew up in Hawaii. While raising our two sons I became very active in our community whether serving on King Kekaulike’s SCBM or being a Scout Master for my son’s boy scout troop. It was through my community volunteering that people asked me to run for office. Almost 14 years later, my experience at the Legislature and my relationships with other elected officials has allowed me to be an effective legislator for my district and Maui. Over the last 2 years alone, I was able to steer nearly $800 million to Maui’s schools, roads, and many other priorities for our district and county.

What are the top three challenges facing the voters you seek to represent?

Top three challenges are finding cesspool solutions, affordable housing, and water issues.

If elected, what will be your highest legislative priority?

I am a firm believer of balance and I also believe that no one should be left behind. Our children should be able to select a life/career pathway through our public school system, our kupuna in urban and rural areas should have equal access to good health care, our workforce and young families should be able to afford to live comfortably in their own homes.

If elected, what can you do to improve the lives of your constituents?

To have a fair approach of paying taxes without increasing the GET, our tax structure should be modernized.

Supporting legislation that affect our environment and making sure that we are energy efficient.

I have always worked to improve the lives of the people of Maui and the State. One example is the widening of Haleakala Highway. This was not just a construction project but a way for Upcountry residents to spend less time in traffic and more time with their families. Another project is the newly completed $35 million Performing Arts Center at King Kekaulike High school which will allow the students and the community to have more exposure to the arts and theatre and explore their creative talents.

Is there anything else you would like voters to know about you?

I also believe that education is the future for our children. Since in office, for 14 years I have met with the Principals in all my district schools at least once a year in a formal meeting, and at least two, three or more times informally. Because of the relationships and constant communications we have been able to meet many of the facility needs of our schools. For example, at Kula Elementary the Principal and I was able to transfer the land from DLNR to DOE. Got the community involved by getting volunteers and donations to clear, prep, put up fencing, irrigate, have a soil and water conservation plan, and much more before the state even spent anything. We appropriated money to build a classroom and storage facility to have an after school Ag program to build for our future farmers that would intergrade STEM and other curriculum toward their education. This is one of the many ways I have been involved with our Upcountry schools and community.

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