2018 Primary Election Candidates

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State Senate

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11 years - Manager, Community & Government Relations at HMSA; 3 years - Director of Communications & Advocacy at AARP Hawaii; 13 years - owner, Loihi Communications providing communications, public affairs, community relations, and lobbying suppor

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What qualifies you to represent the people of Hawaii?

I have spent the past 20 years of my life living and loving Ewa Beach and have been an engaged member of the community through my volunteer work with Hoakalei Cultural Foundation and Poi Dogs & Popoki. Through my consulting work, I have over 25 years of experience at the state capitol and understand the legislative process and importance of finding common ground to support the needs of the people. I learned years ago "Don't let great be the evil of good."

What are the top three challenges facing the voters you seek to represent?

Traffic congestion, affordable housing, and our schools.

If elected, what will be your highest legislative priority?

Revenue generation to be able to afford funding the priorities for my district as well as the state! Two opportunities include recreational marijuana and gambling such as the lottery. Taxes collected on those initiatives should be targeted towards state priorities including homelessness, affordable housing, our schools, rail transit and other issues.

If elected, what can you do to improve the lives of your constituents?

We have the largest student enrollment at James Campbell High School in the entire state. We need to focus on expansion and renovation of the school campus and develop a long term strategy to address the growing population in West Oahu. That growth results in more traffic so we need an integrated strategy to ensure the completion of rail and coordinated road repaving and traffic light syncing. With so many families we need to ensure that our parks and beach and other play spaces are available, clean and safe. These are all quality of life issues that impact all families regardless of where they live - new or old Ewa Beach.

Is there anything else you would like voters to know about you?

I am like every other voter in the district .....dealing with all the challenges of raising a family, paying the bills, putting kids through school, and caring for aging parents. Like them, I grumble when things don't get done. So I decided to run because we deserve better. I want to be their voice and be an advocate for our district.

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